• Our point-source all purpose audio system assembled to an incredible
 64   box full-range array of speakers. 48 NEXO Alpha  flown or stacked
 for excellent audience coverage.  16 NEXO Alpha subs, time aligned & tight for  rock solid sub-bass. 

 • Can be equipped with 8 or more near field speakers placed along the downstage edge as    front-fills, or flown from the array(s) as down-fills. 
 • System is approximately 225,000 watts in stereo or 4.1 or 5.1 using NEXO/ CAMCO V6   amplification racks that include the following:   

 Main speaker system 

 Nexo Alpha full range speaker systems   
 Nexo PS15  near field front fill speakers 
 Nexo/ Camco commercial power amp racks (5 amps, 2 controllers) each 

 We offer both digitally and analog controlled systems 

Digital controls

  Software Audio Console, a Windows based control system, fully configurable recallable, with amazing routing and distribution  

  SAC system one - 72 stereo mainframe 
 24 channels loaded, 24 monitor consoles, 6 aux, 4.1 surround
  SAC system two - 72 stereo mainframe 
 16 channels loaded, 24 monitor consoles, 6 aux, 5.1 surround 

 All EQs, Delays, Chorus, Flanging, Doubling, Tripling, Cloning and more, ALL done in  the digital domian, utilizing zero-latency Plug-ins.  Both systems have full capture, recording at 44.1 48k  96k at 24bits resolution, and make surround mixing a breeze  

 All channels are direct to digital at the mic or Direct Interface,  all splits, sends and feeds are virtual  and thruout the stage area with TCP-IP Ethernet and ADAT 

 WIFI access points tie remotes in breakout rooms  

 Esoteric Mic preamps, for additional flavors 

Analog controls

 Yamaha PM-5D 56x24 digital console 
 ATI Paragon 48x16 

Breakout rooms sub systems 

 Analog system drive rack if desired with (White & KT EQs, addl. system processing) 
 Effects rack (Lexicon and Yamaha FX, Delays, Harmonizers, Reverbs) 
Lots of hardware choices 

  51 ch & 27 ch 250’ analog split snake system 

Power & more

 3phase Motion Labs Power Distributions 
 200amp Stage and key power distribution 
 400 Ft. 3phase feeder cable with tie-ins 
 CM 1 ton 3 phase chain motors with 85’ chains, wire rope, shackles & socapex 
 Nexo X-Bow rigging systems    
 Speaker/ signal/ AC cable to allow for custom system distribution: 

=> delay systems, green room & IFB feeds  

 Playback rack: CD/ Nakamichi cassette/ IPod /Tuner  
 Clearcom two channel  intercom system  

 Concert mic complement, short/tall/boom/straight stands, quad core cables 
 Digital wireless microphone systems - borrowed ONLY 
 Sennheiser wireless  InEar monitor systems 


Floor wedges, side fills and wireless mixes 

 Nexo/ Camco amp racks (15 amplifiers,  6  2/ch controllers)
 DDA 40 x 12 Monitor console 
 PS15 full range floor monitors 
 PS10 cue monitors 
 3way drum fill or in-ears w/ButtKickers 
 NEXO TD & NX controllers  

 Analog - Monitor drive rack (White 1/3 rd octave passive EQs per mix) 

Monitor FX rack (4-Lexicon FX, 20 gates/comps) 

 Digital - All mixes split with no insertion losses, full routing and VST Plug-ins 

  Please Note:  208v (wye) commercial power required for larger systems  


We bring in K-24 for our lighting needs.