Crystal clear sound
Floor, flown & in-ear monitoring
Fiber & cat5 connectivity, Multichannel recording

6Sensory's gear is built around Nexo Alpha audio systems, PS15 monitors, and Camco power. Our control systems are both console based, utilizing the PM5D and Paragon desks, to virtual systems using the vst-based Software Audio Console product.

Our capabilities allow for NO NOISE, plug-in based computing and routing, with individual monitor controls for the Artists. Zero latency allows for no delay in response, and perfect recording of all signals present. We can put any signal anywhere, in perfect time!

Crystal clear audio, storable settings and performances, LED video.

Perfect in theaters, arenas, mall parking lots, fairgrounds, riverside and mountainside. Clean & Corporate.

All systems Time align with ease.

Even-throw & coverage from small cabinets, without beaming.

Nexo PS15 monitors mimic the Alpha boxes for reliability.